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There’s an area that is not threatened by the boost of the Internet and satellite radio stations. Unlike prevailing music formats, there’s enough exclusive content since sports radio may be news focused, entertaining, local, nationwide and so on.

While music stations experience market issues due to fierce competition, sports formats see the rise in the number of new radio stations and listeners. The popularity of sports stations means growth in profits and employment opportunities. If you can paint pictures with words to captivate listeners you may want to consider the employment as sports radio host.

How to get a job of a radio host?

To tell the truth, formal education is not strictly necessary. You may have all the required skills with no academic qualifications. Often, radio hosts career starts with the position of editor or a script writer. Gradually learning the mechanics of the process and practicing voice training any radio station employee can get an opportunity to become radio presenter.

That said, however, since this particular field of radio presenting becomes more and more popular, formal education may boost your chances for employability. Universities list numerous degree programs and courses providing education that local or nationwide stations may look for.

Radio host’s responsibilities

Actual airing is only a tip of the iceberg, the tiniest part of radio host’s responsibilities. A presenter has to spend a lot of time while preparing for show in advance. Being a successful sports radio host means there is always something to do after the show: arranging quests, paperwork, consultations with producers, writing a script. Planning also depends on the format of the station. Unlike musical presenters sports radio hosts talk a lot.

So, some of the main responsibilities apart from presenting a sport show are: 

  • making public appearances;
  • meeting guests;
  • recording commercials and selling air time to advertisers;
  • operating program software, so that the program could run smoothly;
  • planning shows beforehand;
  • maintaining program logs;
  • writing updates in social media;
  • researching different issues;
  • rehearsing, if possible.

Additional qualities and skills

Radio host is the public representation of the station and has to demonstrate some additional qualities:

  • Persistent mindset and sense of humor in order to react effectively when things get out of hand.
  • Sense of delicacy and prompt response, which is particularly important during airing, interviews.
  • Objectivity and lack of bias are corner-stone principles in journalistic, including radio performance.
  • Outstanding oral communication skills.

How much will you earn?

It’s hard to answer this question. Salaries are really varied among sports radio hosts. In fact, the major factor is the ranking and funds of the particular station, as well the employee’s qualification.

Sports radio hosts who used to making public appearances can expect higher salary. Online stations will pay their hosts far less than nationwide stations broadcasting on ‘fm’ frequencies.

Sports radio host job is by any means dynamic and thrilling. Constant life in the center of attention, sportive event attendance and many new acquaintances – that’s the job to forget about boredom. So, if you have a special skill that makes you better than other candidates, use it to land a job.

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