session three: Management

Duration: 120 study hours in six sessions of 20 study hours each

Brief Course Description: formal structure of organization and administration – management methods, systems, and principles; metamanagement

    Session Three: MANAGEMENT

    Duration: 17-20 study hours

    Testing: yes

    Training(s): no

Contents / Chapters:

Concept of Management
Leadership in Management
Disciplinary Authority in Organizations
Effectiveness of Management
Requirements of Manager
Controlling Function of Manager
Executive Administration
Problems and Solutions
Structure of Requirements
Work Productivity Motivation
Fair Work Compensation
Ford Principles of Labor Management
IBM Motivational Model

Benefits and Results:

  • practical information and knowledge: the nature of management and disciplinary power in organization; assessments of managerial effectiveness and management requirements;
  • trainings and skills acquired: management planning, control and administration; communication and motivations;
  • additional info and comments: Ford Company and IBM motivational models offered among variety of interesting examples, including classical works of Peters and Drucker.
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