session seven: Health And Psychological Stability

Duration: 200 study hours in seven sessions of 20-40 study hours each

Brief Course Description: skills and experiences necessary for success and further personal growth


        Duration: 16-20 study hours

        Testing: yes

        Training(s): yes

Contents / Chapters:

Influence of Sound
Harmonization Methods
Regular Sleep
Morning Hygiene
Physical Training Exercises
Proper Nutrition
Cleansing Your Body

Benefits and Results:

practical information and knowledge: influence of sound and other periodical fluctuations on your health and general condition; mantras – what they are and what they do; several advices on personal morning hygiene; myths about calories, obesity, meat and other products – how your body reacts to them; various nutrition methods as alternatives to pointless diets; information on several non-trivial properties of vitamins and ways of keeping youthful appearance;

trainings and skills acquired: methods of staying in shape; how to sustain psychological balance; two methods of harmonizing your nervous system; method of securing a good night sleep; several easy and uncomplicated physical trainings;

additional info and comments: large amount of highly practical information supported by direct implementation and recommendations;

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