session one: Manipulative Techniques

Duration: 180 study hours in six sessions of 20-40 study hours each

Brief Course Description: development of communicative competence, ability to establish contacts, influence others and motivate people to do what you want


Duration: 18-20 study hours

Testing: yes

Training(s): yes

Contents / Chapters:

Human Relations and Views on Them
The Structure of Communications
Purpose of Communication
Levels of Communication
Role Structured Communications
Manipulative Techniques
Drive Mechanisms
First Meeting
Agitation and Attraction
Other Techniques of the First Meeting
First Presentation
Characteristics of Presentation to Opposite Sex
How to Plan the First Meeting
Relations Development Technology
Partner’s Self-Assessment – Taking It into Account

Benefits and Results:

practical information and knowledge: elements of psychological communication theories; successful first meeting with a person followed by a long-term relationship (business or personal); first presentation to the interlocutor; considering partner’s self-assessment and manipulating him or her;

trainings and skills acquired: trainings and exercises offered to develop practical application skills in areas mentioned above;

additional info and comments: several didactic supplements included in this session to present you with much broader view on the subject;

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