session one: Introduction

Duration: 200 study hours in seven sessions of 20-40 study hours each

Testing: yes

Brief Course Description: skills and experiences necessary for success and further personal growth

        Session One: INTRODUCTION

        Duration: 35-40 study hours

        Testing: yes

        Training(s): yes

Contents / Chapters:

All of Our Problems Are Within Ourselves
Training Willpower or Getting Rid of Insecurities
Self-Rationalization of the Unconsciousness
Health Is Above Everything
Daily Breathing Exercises
Look at the Light
Confidence in Yourself and Your Powers
Always Searching
Training Your Feelings
Smile Is the Key to Success
On the Benefit of Beauty
Being Beautiful and Charismatic
How To Give Yourself the Drive To Be Beautiful
Training of Facial Expressions
Personal Image
Education and Intellectual Development
Sociological Supplement:
    Education and Success in Life
    It Pays To Invest in Your Education
    The Standard of Education and Its Dynamic
    Education and Income of Management
    Poverty of Poorly Educated Groups Is Inescapable
    Enter the Elite


practical information and knowledge: you learn how to eliminate various tricks of unconsciousness – the source of many everyday problems; information on how to improve your health with simple and routine daily exercises; importance of constant searching; self-presentation and its importance in daily life; facts and stats that prove the significance of education for success and personal growth;

trainings and skills acquired: method of rationalization of unconscious; self-hypnosis methods; trainings on implementing positive mindsets without using altered states of consciousness; various methods of breathing techniques; training of feelings; trainings on being beautiful and attractive; facial expressions training;

additional info and comments: you’re making a first step towards acquiring confidence in yourself. After mastering this session of “Reinvent Yourself” course you will experience and feel noticeable changes in yourself. This session is supplemented with additional didactics for further studies of sections you are interested in the most.

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