session four: Authority And Suggestion

Duration: 180 study hours in six sessions of 20-40 study hours each

Brief Course Description: development of communicative competence, ability to establish contacts, influence others and motivate people to do what you want


Duration: 35-40 study hours

Testing: no

Training(s): yes

Contents / Chapters:

Factors That Influence the Authority
Suggestion Techniques:
        Suggestion in Everyday Life
        How to Use Suggestion
        Techniques of Suggestion
        Traditional Hypnosis Techniques
        Vocal Modes
        Hypnosis Training
Training: Popular Methods of Hypnotists
        Methods 01-17
                Method 11 – The Bernheim Method
                Method 13 – Luis Mirror Method
Trance and Overload
Rhythm and Music
Problems During Hypnosis
Behavior Programming
Hypnotic Analysis and Hypnotic Interrogation
Increase of Work Efficiency
Controlled Sleep
Suggestion Without Trance
Preparations for the Training
Actualization as a Communicative Style

Benefits and Results:

practical information and knowledge: authority and the factors that influence it; suggestion in everyday life; suggestive methods without trance; hypnotic analysis and hypnotic interrogation; how to control your sleep;

trainings and skills acquired: twelve hypnotic techniques described in great detail so you can choose (at least) the one most suitable for you;

additional info and comments: mobilizing your employees with hypnosis; several didactic supplements included in this session to present you with much broader view on the subject; you learn that manipulative techniques that you mastered earlier work efficiently only at first stages, while the most successful ones are not based on manipulations, but on actualization.

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