session five: Mastering Of Right Hemisphere Brain Activities

Duration: 200 study hours in seven sessions of 20-40 study hours each

Brief Course Description: skills and experiences necessary for success and further personal growth


Duration: 35-40 study hours

Testing: yes

Training(s): yes

Contents / Chapters:

Left Brain Hemisphere Domination
Intuition and Spontaneous Behavior
What Mental Abilities Are For
Inner Dialogue
States of Consciousness
Training: Attainment of Reciprocity Balance
        Blocks 01-12
Training: Creative Thinking
        Blocks 03-32
Additional Training: Memory Development
       Blocks 01-08

Benefits and Results:

practical information and knowledge: in-depth knowledge about dominant behavior of the left side of human brain and reciprocity of hemispheres; intuition and how it works; inner dialogue; various states of consciousness and beyond;

trainings and skills acquired: method of controlling the reciprocity of hemispheres; reciprocity equilibrium attainment training; huge training on creating the development of thought process to become the basis of intuition development trainings; additional memory development training;

additional info and comments: an impressive amount of forty highly effective custom-tailored training exercises in one session.

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