Our education methods are unique
LeaderSchool is the first distance learning project that offers both business, psychology and leadership studies online. We offer practical education that pays off handsomely by boosting your personality and business, increasing your competitive skills and removing inner barriers. You can either learn with time from your mistakes in life or choose to study here to avoid them.

Excellent syllabus
We are extremely confident in our study materials – 1000+ pages of exclusive theoretical courses and lecture materials. They provide information in a concentrated, direct and understandable form. Most of the courses materials were written especially for LeaderSchool by leading experts, some of them requiring confidentiality agreement with us. The course of study consists of several trimesters. One trimester is 9 weeks of study with standard learning tempo.

Impressive collection of didactics
We have gathered a massive collection of hundreds of electronic versions of renowned books, papers and articles that span several centuries of information and wisdom. In fact, if you heard of an important work published on the subjects of business, psychology and/or leadership within the last few centuries, we probably already got it for you. You have access to all of them in secure PDF format from your Personal Learning Center. Although almost all of them are not available in public access, it is completely legal for you to use all of them throughout the course of your studies here.

It’s interactive
Discuss, comment and answer any questions concerning your education here. Communicate directly with your teachers and other students, share files, work together and participate in voice and video conferences.

It’s unique
This distance learning software solution that we’re using is not available anywhere in the world. It had intuitive user-friendly design and puts you in the control of your educational process.

Detailed information
Select syllabus submenu on the left to access detailed description of courses we offer during the first year of studies at LeaderSchool. They also provide you with very informative descriptions of benefits and skills acquired with each course you take.

The Future
We’re currently preparing the syllabus for the 2nd year of studies at LeaderSchool. We plan to include there courses on postindustrial civilization and economy, world financial networks, geopolitics, metamanagement and financial management, PR and mass psychology, taxes, state budget and world financial networks, Their detailed description will appear here by the end of this year.

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