course: Power And Authority

Duration: 100 study hours in four sessions of 20-40 study hours each

Brief Course Description: release of power instinct and realization of restrains that suppress it


Duration: 16-20 study hours

Testing: yes

Training(s): no

Contents / Chapters:

Phenomenon of Power
Elements of Power and Authority
Plastic Symbolism of Power
Structure and Dynamics of Authority
Violence of a Slave
Avoiding Discussions on the Nature of Power
Free Violence
Charismatic Components of Power

Benefits and Results:

practical information and knowledge: nature of power and authority, their elements and symbolism in plasticity; connection between power and violence; understanding reasons for avoiding any discussions on realities of power in modern society;

trainings and skills acquired: charisma, legitimacy, control;

additional info and comments: various classical works on the subject available as didactics supplements for this session.

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