course: Leadership In Small Groups

Duration: one session of 40 study hours total

Brief Course Description: development of practical skills and provision of knowledge necessary for successful leadership in small informal groups

Testing: yes

Training(s): yes

Contents / Chapters:

Group as a System
Various Views on Group
Birth of a Small Group
Norms and Values
Rituals and Stereotypes
Relations of the Group to Outsiders
Leader and HisHer Functions in the Group
Types of Leadership
Personal Features of a Leader
Intellectual Leader
Practical Leader
Emotional Leader
Star Leader
Style of Leadership
Group Dynamics: Conflicts and Their Solutions
Affective Level of Group Dynamics
Group Development
Several Examples
Happenings and Provocations

Benefits and Results:

practical information and knowledge: group phenomenon – its properties, norms, values, rituals and stereotypes; conformity mechanism and group reactions to outsiders;

trainings and skills acquired: leader functions in a group – his or her personal characteristics; means and ways of controlling the group dynamics;

additional info and comments: detailed studies of additional group control mechanisms such as happenings, provocations etc.; several didactics supplements available.

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