course: Large Groups And Manipulating Them

Duration: one session of 80 study hours total

Testing: yes

Training(s): no

Brief Course Description: development of practical skills and provision of knowledge necessary for successful leadership and manipulation with large groups

Contents / Chapters:

Detailed description will be available here soon.

Benefits and Results:

  • practical information and knowledge: mass phenomena of conformity, hysteria, neuroses, anxiety and chain reaction; development of views on mass psychology; types of large groups – crowd, mass, auditorium, mob, society, social movements, religious movements, fashion, minorities, nation; psychological techniques of manipulating them; meta-programs, mass suggestion and trance; creation of ad message, influence of form, lighting and color;
  • trainings and skills acquired: political ethics; personal adaptation to conditions of freedom, ethics of liberalism and its limitations; political and advertising campaign structure; message text composition – general design, header, tagline, grammar and even fonts;
  • additional info and comments: technologies of indirect manipulation for large groups; technology of manipulations with the mass consciousness.
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