course: Financial Management

Duration: one session of 40 study hours total

Testing: yes

Training(s): no

Brief Course Description: elements of financial management and general problems of financial management in modern business environment

Contents / Chapters:

Detailed description will be available here soon.

Benefits and Results:

  • practical information and knowledge: importance of financial management in business and manipulations with financial resources; income management and debt management; payroll principles and factoring; optimization of investment expenses; optimization of property structures, leasing and relations with the bank;
  • trainings and skills acquired: control over financial funds, handling money over bank accounts; management of current expenses; sales during liquidity crisis; ways of minimizing financial risks; small business tax management; structural resources management: cost reduction, amortization, capital market within the company;
  • additional info and comments: methods of reducing tax payments and application of tax concessions in capital investments; usage of offshores and their applications.
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