course: Business

Duration: 60 study hours in three sessions of 20 study hours each

Brief Course Description: introduction to modern postindustrial global business and economy


    Duration: 16-20 study hours

    Testing: yes

    Training(s): no

Contents / Chapters:

Detailed description will be available here soon.

Benefits and Results:

  • practical information and knowledge: understanding of postindustrial business and new relations between the manufacturer and consumer in postindustrial economy; postindustrial enterprise; business as risk; sources of risk, understanding the culture of risk, rationalization of risks and risk management;
  • trainings and skills acquired: effective strategy of interaction with consumers; postindustrial business projects – products, institutional forms, marketing and production; psychological methods of uncovering risk situations;
  • additional info and comments: several legendary didactics on the basics of business available for this course.
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