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If you play Old School RuneScape, the so-called OSRS, you are sure to come across a brimstone key. The item has some value and can be used to help players get a better gaming experience. Let’s find out more about the item, how to get it, and other useful facts in the review below.

What is a brimstone key?

It’s an object one receives after killing monsters during the Slayer task. Slay a monster in the Combat level to increase your chances of getting a key as a drop. Players can get one key or several of them. The more you get, the more they look like a pile of something grey.

The brimstone key’s appearance

When players see the key, it appears to have a sign on it. The symbol of Yin and Yang was used on purpose. It means to represent the primal elements and keep things in balance. In the game, the symbol refers to the Kahlith and the Tasakaal. It represents the balance between life and death.

What does the brimstone key do?

This key opens the brimstone chest. On average, the chest costs 95,540 coins. It may also turn into two coins for the killer. You can store the key for future use or use the item in the first possible situation. The choice is yours.

The properties of the key

The key cannot be traded, equipped, or received during a quest. It’s not alchemisable either. It can, however, be stacked and later unlock Konar’s chest. Players can discover the latter at the top of Mount Karuulm. Using this knowledge, you are sure to discover the best way of using the key and succeeding in the game.

Keep in mind that the brimstone chest can have various items inside. When opened, one may see a pile of coins, paper money, rubies, and potion.

News related to the key

Since 2019, the chest tracks the number of times a player opens it. The brimstone key was affected by a bug in 2020. The drop rate got lower than intended. However, the developers took care of the situation fast and fixed the bug.

Usage in other video games

In case you do not know about OSRS, you can also come across this item in other video games. For instance, one can see it in Terraria Calamity Mod. In this game, the brimstone key can help you access Locked Ashen Chests. Unlike the previously described game, the key cannot be stacked. This key is not consumed when the player opens the chest.

The brimstone key has a distinctive shape. It looks like the alchemical symbol for brimstone or Sulphur. Players must keep the key in the inventory to use it for the chest opening. Aside from that, players can sell the key for 20 coins.


The brimstone key is not the most valuable element in the video game. However, it’s a great reward for killing monsters during the mission. Using this key, players could open brimstone chests and receive additional rewards.

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