About LeaderSchool

This is the first online leadership studies program
We focus on both personal growth and personal freedom of our students, while the mass education delivers an acknowledgement with sciences and expands pseudo-intellectual horizons using several descriptive methods that never reach the foundation of student’s personality. Mass education assists a person in social adaptation by accumulating many stereotypes. This is not the case here – we teach how things really work in this world so that you could control them, not the other way around.

Education here pays off
We start from dealing with personal problems, restrains, barriers and blocks implemented within you by society, education and upbringing. Then we move on to learning several precise and constructive methods of reinventing yourself. After that we provide you with necessary information and skills to learn in a precise, direct and easily understood manner. This leads to substantial increase in your personal effectiveness and leadership qualities. You start living a better life – more effective and more successful. No easy answers here, though. Leave them to the ignorant ones.

We reveal inner potential of personal success
It is an elite education. It is a specific program of studies that offers complex approach to the subjects of personal freedom, leadership and partner motivation techniques, determination and drive to succeed, effectiveness and personal growth, methods of power, authority, and several others. We offer truthful and honest approach to the subjects of business and economy, financial and social realities.

Your Personal Learning Center
Your unique student ID and password gives you access to Distance Learning Center with education experience tailored for you – pages of study materials and didactics that you choose for yourself (read them online or download in secure PDF format), your own free lifetime pop3-smtp email address at LeaderSchool with internal mail server, direct communication with teachers and fellow students.

No time limits
Study at your own tempo, whichever is most convenient for you. Speed up, slow down or pause your studies here as many times as you like – you are not limited with time when you enroll here.

Unsurpassed freedom
You are always in control of your education at LeaderSchool. Ask any questions the authors of courses personally, pause and resume your studies at any time. Communicate with other students by mail, forums, chat, voice and video conferences; find support and establish life-long social and business relations.

Complete honesty
There are no hidden costs. You do not have to pay for additional expensive books, didactics, services or charges. There is one low tuition fee. Furthermore, we have established a special promotional program that allows you to pay half of your tuition now and begin to learn immediately with remaining half due within a year.

Earn your way up
Everyone can afford to study at LeaderSchool. Earn your tuition by participating in our affiliate program. We offer quick and fair commission based compensation for your efforts – 13% of first year’s tuition paid out for each student enrolled that you refer. Help us reach thousands of people everywhere that look by trial and error for a chance to learn what we teach here.

Policy of trust and truth
We trust you. 30-days money-back guarantee policy with no questions asked and no strings attached. Also, we welcome and implement suggestions to improve Online Learning Center from our students. About 90% of those have already been implemented. More improvements are on their way – it is our policy to constantly raise the quality of our services.

Fixed price
We realize that we are currently offering our studies program below the market price. It is done for promotional purposes – we want to establish firmly our presence in Internet educational services sector. Tuition will be rising shortly as the project will receive its deserved recognition and international acclaim. Nonetheless, we guarantee to all our students that the price they pay when enrolling here will remain fixed for them – they will not have to pay any additional charges.

You are free
We provide you with exclusive information, partly used in several intelligence schools and elite academies. However, we do not seek further control over student’s personality. This is not a cult, but a place where you can get the most important education of your life. Also, your studies are not limited with a designated schedule, time, place or geographical location – you can access study materials at any time from any place with computer and Internet connection.

Get credit
LeaderSchool currently prepares application to DETC (Accrediting Commission of Distance Education and Training Counsel) in Washington, DC. You will receive fully accredited, internationally recognized diploma.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure
We will never share, trade, sell or disclose any of your personal information regarding your studies here. Period.

Satisfy your curiosity
See for yourself – register for a free tour and access our paid Distance Learning Center at no cost to you. You can try every tool and feature presented in our paid server system with no obligations of any kind.

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