LeaderSchool is the first online business, psychology and leadership studies program. We furnish you the clue to the rapid increase in your personal competitiveness by expanding your inner freedom and providing specific knowledge about the real world. Our unique learning system combines the benefits of modern technology with privileges of self-education.

Our trademark is personal approach to every student regardless of time and location. We have dozens of courses on variety of vital subjects to choose from over two years of study. Ours is a system that offers maximum amount of practical information and trainings in most convenient form and price range.

This server contains Online Learning Center with internal mail and messaging systems, online testing area, dozens of forums, weblogs, voice and video conferences for our students to communicate directly with their teachers and each other. They have access to study materials of various courses and impressive collection of didactics to use online or for download.

LeaderSchool Club unites our graduate students in order to expand and strengthen their business connections all over the world. Our Affiliate Program draws near the moment when you start profiting from your education.

Feel free to browse this site, read into the archives of our newsletter, take a tour inside the Online Learning Center and learn more about our syllabus or application process.

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